On the midway on the philosophy, physics, physiology, offer the quantification of spiritualist dualism, which is a mathematical concept in continuum mechanics on the agent of the movement that called the soul of the universe exercised by the will of the universe. That is different from artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms and brings a new wave to metrology in biotechnology.
Knowledge Working :


Familiar with the following studies :
 - Sculpting / Modeling
 - Automaton / Automation
 - Horology / Astrobiology
 - Mechanics (Biomechanics, Fluid mechanics, Continuum mechanics)
 - Global environmental health & sustainability
 - Collective consciousness / Behavioural science

Integration  :


« Exercise-based Neurorehabilitation for Immune function enhancement, Perceptual and Motor Skills enhancement using Simulated reality.»
« Molecular machine, High mobility animal type autonomous vehicles for land, sea, sky and space. »
« Automatic artificial prosthetic limbs. Swarm intelligence. Communication method with natural animals. »



Mails : moc.nopirav@tcatnoc



Producer's résumé

I am very pleased to meet you. Please allow me to express my activities. We can thus begin to collaborating together.


Yutaka Sawai


Data Scientist in Ethology and Anthropology

Integrator, Knowledge Worker, 3D Generalist

Automata Artist (Automatier / Automatist)-Sculpteur, Horloger- Mecanicien

Mails : moc.nopirav@tcatnoc

20 February 2020


The next generation of Renaissance


A long ago, in the art and history museum of Neuchâtel, I met androids made 200 years ago. these ancient tireless efforts gave me a higher goal. I started my personal research that determined a high target to historical horologist - mechanician.


My artistic approach is to be open new avenues with exploring methods of expression "retro-futuristic" inherited on different cultures, and inspired by the spirit of horologists like Breguet and of mechanical artists. I autonomously undertook a new project from scratch and I have been preparing on the theme of "What is human work?". This endeavor build a bridge between tradition and technological innovation to the world.  


Ilya Prigogine told in his book "Order out of Chaos", "We believe that we are heading toward a new synthesis, a new naturalism. Perhaps we will eventually be able to combine the Western tradition, with its emphasis on experimentation and quantitative formulations, with a tradition such as the Chinese one, with its view of a spontaneous, self-organizing world. "


In this way, I independently engaged in data driven science to consolidate theories and methods of two intangible cultural heritage and esoteric education that are related to medical technologies in the east and the west such as European mechanical arts called Automata - Horology and Chinese internal martial arts called Kung fu, while addressing alternative medicine and global environment sustainability with a high perspective overlooking the whole world.


I know the automobile industry, I was born in Japan as a successor of the techno center of Toyota group which integrates all business in the prefecture. However, while seeing the widespread progress of the world economy and ICT technology, I eventually became independent.


* The fun of a man of virtue is to realize the will,  the enjoyment of mediocre people are preoccupied to just get things. 君子樂得其志,小人樂得其事。* - Grand Duke Jiang 太公望


William Farr Goodwin, an American mechanician who came from Canada, having made agricultural and locomotives inventions, invented the horse walking mechanism in 1868. 

"Where on earth is this such amazing idea!?", a NASA Advanced Supercomputing division engineer (IQ 170) was shocked.

"This is a useless toy for nothing.", mediocre industrial humanity who immersed in getting things, spat out.


So, I undertook a new project to realize the will of this American dreamer in order to realize filial piety for his works, I properly inherited the predecessors’ will.  I invented the next generation ecological vehicles by using my experiences in supervising Swiss manufacturing.


As a result, I made a discovery of that there exists a mathematical theorem and formulas that integrates every spirit voluntary movements that exercises all terrestrial bodies and gives life to inanimate matters. This is also the invention of a universal biomechanical link mechanism based on spiritualist dualism that bring infinite applications. It's the first universal perfect machine element in human history which surpass the conventional functions such as rotating elements like wheels and propellers invented in ancient times or robotics joint torque control.

In 18th century, two Horologist - Automata artisits, Henri-Louis Jaquet-Droz and his partner Jean-Frédéric Leschot, while feeding back the know-how gained in the Android production, had created aesthetic prosthetic limbs for people with disabilities.


I had also important work for the earth and humanity too. It is the quantification of spiritualist dualism, which is a principal mechanism on the agent of the movement that I call the soul of the universe exercised by the will of universe. Thanks to it, living organisms regulates the sympathetic nerve activity which responses for maintaining the tension and excitement, and also keep immune function to enhance the natural healing force.


We now have reached the one of singular point.


Then I discovered the fundamental theory which is able to explain well this technological innovation among the philosophy advocated by Abraham-Louis Breguet, Horologist - Mechanician at two hundred years ago.


In order to demonstrate the infinite applications, divided the holistic work plan in the 10 work packages, I designed the basic applications of voluntary movement, introduced it visually.


Holistic Work Plan organised into the following ten work packages :

« »


Over the past few years, while introducing application examples in the world, I've gained global understanding little by little.



« fig.III » : Group effort


1. Pierre-André Grimm (Artisan of mechanical singing birds)
2. Vianney Halter (Independent watchmaker)
3. François Junod (Automatier - Sculptor)
4. Thierry Amstutz (Maintainer of Jaquet-Droz androids)



Research in biomechanics of Chinese martial arts and Development a method for assisting invention

Field of study : History and Philosophy of Oriental Science and Technology

I also began to learn the biomechanics through Chinese martial arts. It is Tai Chi master Cornelia Gruber who was kindly bestowed me the opportunity of conversion of big idea. I developed new method for assisting invention through spent a unique time with her and German-style board gamers, trained a generic and minimalist decision-making process for immediate adaptation under various different regulatory circumstances.

I also learned the human duty through the life perspectives of pointed entrepreneurs like her who influenced me. Innovative business entails various risks. Therefore I'm always thinking an excuse for escape. However, in the end I'm brought up me to face the front obstacles. So I have a forward momentum to go no matter what. That is like an American "exploring" spirit.
Firstly when I told her that I decided to start to study in Chinese martial arts, She asked me, "There are many genres of Chinese martial arts. Which martial art do you learn?" I replied, "Wing Chun" (by chance, a Swiss musician I met introduced it to me, he learned from his uncle). She was pleased. After that, when I showed this scene as a best favorite movie in my life, « » She said "Oh, Donnie!" so looks like a nostalgic friend. "It seem like Donnie is speedy, Jet Li is powerful," I wondered what she had in her background. After that, I was surprised that Donnie Yen became a Big star with the biography historical movie series of the legendary Wing Chun master "Ip Man". In addition, I was shocked that Cornelia was invited to her master Bow-Sim Mark and met Donnie Yen again. « »

Master Cornelia had a ex-husband who was an American pottery artist who deceased by intractable disease. Her ex-husband suffered from insoluble illness that made his whole body muscles go out of control like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). She was nursing him for decades using her Tai Chi force. I was invited to her school, I read various literatures, studied and practiced. In addition to Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese philosophy(Yin Yang 陰陽, Five elements 五行, Bagua 八卦, The Tao Te Ching by Lao-tzu 老子道徳経), Qi-gong, Scientific martial arts that Ip Man and Bruce Lee preached. On the last day, when her ex-husband launched fireworks , I determined to make the invention to help disabled people. So, In developing the service to help disabled persons, I frequently visited the rehabilitation center and observed organizations and companies that support people who are aiming social integrations.


Conventional researchers have given too much boost to physiological assumptions only, and have followed studies based on statistical points of view because of the needs in computer engineering. As a result, they have gone astray in the labyrinth of metaphysics. So they could never clarified the essence of the movement by sampling and analyzing the motion capturing data.


So, I undertook a new research project from 2012.  I was getting ideas from the aforementioned movie ( ). That is, I tried an agglutination of the mathematical philosophical theories of two historic intangible cultural heritages that are related to medical technologies in the east and the west such as European mechanical arts called Automata - Horology, and Chinese internal martial arts called Kung-Fu. By chance, in Switzerland, in addition to Western scientific medicine which was created by Hippocrates of Kos as a doctor in Greece and was developed by Protestantism, there are many alternative medicine exists For examples, a heretic treat technique practiced in the community of Christian antiquity, "The secret doers to treat burns". Also such as healers recommended by university hospital who has a skill to finds the affected part by the special perception and insight ability.  Civilians believe well and use their services well. I learned about the possibility of exceeding common sense.
The best quote in the letter that Jeff Bezos offered me in 2000 was also that.
"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." - Albert Einstein 

In this way, my first specific invention was made.  After the many patience in difficult situation, I was inspired when I watched the sprint in the olympic game of August in London, I got a premonition of feasibility. In November, the first invention of a human running movement mechanism was completed, and in December 2012 the invention of the fundamental biomechanical link mechanism was completed.


Then I have discovered that there is a theorem and mathematical formulas that integrate every spirit voluntary movements that exercises terrestrial bodies. So I became able to acquire easily "ideal (I call it the will of the universe)" movement models. This means that the voluntary movement of all fuselages and limbs of animals, can be translated in a circular motion at a constant speed.In other words, mathematically, we have taken full control the behavioral principle of terrestrial organisms such as humans as well as other animals and plants.


Work Plan 2. Biomechanical simulation of humans

            Task 2.3 : Funkyman Running « »

This mechanical element can accelerate his foot when kicking the ground, nevertheless, the source of its rotation keep always constant speed.


Consequently, I can see that this mechanism show the best ideal more than the actual performance of the athlete. I think it is the will of the universe. if it is true, a similar mechanism might be applied to all body parts. said so, I also succeed to apply same principle of the mechanism to the body and arms.

Also to other animals. thereafter, I realized examples of biomechanical locomotions of fishes, 4 legged animals, birds, insects, on the basis of the same theorem.  I have found that the simplest comprehensive mechanism has the possibility of unlimited application.




amv (1).jpg« fig.IV » : Microfilm of the historical book of Abraham-Louis Breguet


After that, in January 2013, I found a microfilm of an essay written by Abraham-Louis Breguet, a Swiss horologist in the 18th century, in the underground storage room of the French National Library. So, the French government welcomed my business and allowed all the actions concerning my project for three years. "Essay about the animal force and the principle of voluntary movement" - Abraham Louis Bréguet (1811) : « »

In his essay, I found a new theory of voluntary movement and animal force. In this way, I decided to promote a new research and development by combining his theory in my invention based on a midway of physics, physiology and philosophy. This is my philosophical approach.

A-L Breguet paid attention to the movement of rotation that appears within nature and its phenomena - he invented a mechanism called "Tourbillon" which consists of a regulator producing constant speed while removing the effects of gravity. His descendant, Louis-Charles Breguet inherited A-L Breguet's insight into the planet environment and the voluntary movement of animal. He also invented the gyroplane to fly in the sky by the rotational movement as same principle and he found a formula for Aircraft range & endurance. in my work I focus on turbulence as well, a phenomenon that's also related to the rotation of the Earth and which I believe affects the universal biomechanics of the voluntary movement. Therefore I wish to explore this concept further.



On September 17, 2013 - Abraham-Louis' death anniversary – I was granted the honor of an invitation to visit the Breguet Museum at the Place Vendôme in Paris with its director Mr. Emmanuel Breguet, historian and member of Breguet family's seventh generation. We discussed A-L. Breguet's new unknown theory and I told him I wished to continue his ancestor's study.


« fig.V » : The concept image of the theory of Abraham-Louis Breguet which include my new theorem of the voluntary movement


d1603dc6-708d-11e3-9b1b-12313b0611d9-large.jpg« fig.VI » : Congratulations by Mr. Emmanuel Breguet


"To Yutaka, skillful mechanist and horologist who appreciates the work of Breguet, I dedicate a book of art and history, very sincerely and with congratulations - Emmanuel Breguet - 17 IX 2013


I think there is a deep relationship between human inventions and biological evolution. The more trials and efforts are given, the more sophisticated will the inventions be. For people's health and progress of humanity, I do inventions.


I'm reaffirming a philosophy based on the theory of animal force proposed by A-L Breguet. He explain that as planetary revolutions could be the sole source of all the movements of inanimate matter, and of those which are exercised by all terrestrial bodies.


As planetary revolutions appears universally as a fluid phenomenon typified by the vortex in natural environments. When animals generate their own motions, they naturally obtain the movement of the planet. for example, when carps climb the waterfall, they use turbulence phenomena as a stepping stone. That is depends to the rotation of Earth.


The rhythm of the planet's revolution affects all biological and social activities while regulating to keep the constant speed. But in the current industry, cycle of mass production and mass consumption are too accelerated. It is largely deviated from the original rhythm of the earth. I will therefore actively encourage the importance of integration with the global environment, while suppressing  the excessive acceleration of wasteful mass production and mass consumption,  I will promote the flexibility manufacturing system to deal with various types of production of small amount.


To that end, I provide an versatile straightforward biomechanical element having infinite applications. and I work to create new job opportunities and to diversify a market approach allows various manufacturers internationally. Craftsmanship will be once again recognised and restored.


« All bodies on Earth are constantly filled with movement and force, as the fountain we said always filled with water: the fountain is in equilibrium with the source, the bodies are with the movement of the earth. Among the diversity of bodies that are on the surface of the globe, there are those who, being organized and talented from an internal power that we called will, have, relative to the movement of the earth, the same disposition that to the fountain relatively to the water of the inexhaustible source.


The planetary revolutions could be the unique source of all the movements of inanimate matter, and those who exercise all terrestrial bodies. On the other hand, we know that animated matter is endowed with another active principle called will. The link that binds the spirit to the material; because the will is a faculty of the spirit, has access to the movement, which is a faculty rather than a proprietary of the material.


The will is the extreme ring of the intellectual chain on the material side , the movement also is the extreme ring of the material chain on the spirit side, and the linking of these two rings binds the morale to the physics. (This will form a phantom limb syndrome.) the movement is indestructible, and can say with accuracy that is not and that's all. As a universal agent, as energetic and inexhaustible, whose constant action gives life to material, and maintains, as it were, out of nothing, must be immaterial, and appears to be the soul of the universe.


The will and the movement are two powers of a species, if not identical, at least the most analogous in the series of agents of nature. »  - "Essay about the animal force and the principle of voluntary movement", Abraham Louis Bréguet (1811)

«  »


 Yours Sincerely