Principal Works


Frameworks for the Revolutionary Rapid Development of

1) Versatile biomechanical high mobility body-limb

2) Platforms of image guide treatment

3) Artificial life systems on the natural process constructing order out of chaos

on the Research and Development in the theorem of voluntary movement.




Producer's résumé

I am very pleased to meet you. Please allow me to express my activities. We can thus begin to collaborating together.

A long ago, in the art and history museum of Neuchâtel, I met androids made 200 years ago. these ancient tireless efforts gave me a higher goal. I started my personal research that determined a high target to Swiss historical horologists - mechanicians.


Consequently, I have met with great persons. Through the historic intangible cultural heritage and the esoteric education in Suisse romande, I made a discovery of the theorem of voluntary movement of natural animal as well as an invention of the universal mechanical linkage. We now have reached the one of singular point. These applications are infinite.


With my studies, I work to create new job opportunities and to diversify a market approach allows various manufacturers internationally. Craftsmanship will be once again recognized and restored.



Yutaca Sawai


Automatier - Sculpteur, Horloger - 'Bio' Mécanicien


Le 17 septembre 2016


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 


I am very pleased to meet you. Please allow me to express my activities. We can thus begin to collaborating together.



State of the International background and proposed art work


A long ago, I started my personal research "the world of automata”. I obtained a practical experience at Sainte-Croix in Switzerland from 2005. I trained in master Francois Junod's atelier. So, I learned his mechanical works and art. On the base of such as the above historical background, I actually participated in the original project. In 2006-2007 years, François Junod and Leganes city of Spain, they decided to manufacture the automaton for new city hall.


I collaborated as a Computer scientist, Photographer, Site supervisor to the development of the project “Spain” organized by François Junod and Leganes City as well as its realization (2006 - 2007)

Image of the horse automataFrancois and medfde2200-708d-11e3-b120-12313b0611d9-large.jpg











« fig.I » : Mechanical Horse of François Junod
« fig.II » : François Junod and me (in 2005)
« fig.III » : Group effort


1. Pierre-André Grimm (Artisan of mechanical singing birds)
2. Vianney Halter (Independent watchmaker)
3. François Junod (Automatier - Sculptor)
4. Thierry Amstutz (Maintainer of Jaquet-Droz androids)



Experimental approaches to be used


After, I continued my development at La Chaux-de-Fonds. I studied with Jean-Pierre Vaufrey who was an sculptor of mechanical organisms which collaborated with H.R.Giger, a designer of creature in the film "Alien". I also began to learn the biomechanics through Chinese martial arts. It is Sifu Cornelia Gruber(Tai Chi master) and George André Brugger who were kindly bestowed me the opportunity of conversion of big idea. with mainly them, I developed a new method for assisting invention through spent a unique time with fellow german-style board gamers and creators. As mentioned above, experience through collaboration with independent artists, allows me to fully control the upscale visual expression.


My artistic approach is to be open new avenues with exploring methods of expression "retro-futuristic" to inherited on different cultures and inspired by the spirit of artists such as Breguet and Jaquet-Droz, 18th and 19th century's horologist and automaton creator. in the world, there is this tendency to build bridges between tradition and technological innovation.


From 2012, I undertook a new research project. Then my first specific invention was made in that late of year. When I watched the sprint in the Olympic game of August, I got a premonition of feasibility. Then I discovered the theorem of the voluntary movement of natural animal which is an invention of the universal biomechanical linkage element. In other words, mathematically, we have taken full control of the movement of animals. This means that the voluntary movement of all fuselages and limbs of animals, can be translated in a circular motion at a constant speed.


amv (1).jpg« fig.IV » : Microfilm of the historical book of Abraham-Louis Breguet


After achieved the first invention, I discovered a microfilm in National Library of France.

"Essai sur la Force animale, et sur le principe du mouvement volontaire."("Essay about the animal force and the principle of voluntary movement")

This essay was written by Abraham-Louis Breguet who was a Swiss horologist and mechanist in the 18th century. in his essay,
I found a new theory of voluntary movement. In this way, I decided to promote a new research and development by combining his theory in my invention based on a midway of physics, physiology and philosophy. This is my philosophical approach.


Breguet_theorie.jpg« fig.V » : The concept image of the theory of Abraham-Louis Breguet which include my new theorem of the voluntary movement


“There are two forces in the universe, the movement and the will. the movement controls the matter and the will controls the movement, which is essential to the living matter. The living bodies are in equilibrium with the movement of the earth while the planetary movement is reflected within the living bodies. Such concepts as conception and free will are related to the planetary motion, and the voluntary movement of living bodies could be the product of these two elements.”


A-L Breguet paid attention to the movement of rotation that appears within nature and its phenomena - he invented a mechanism called "Tourbillon" which consists of a regulator producing constant speed while removing the effects of gravity. His descendant, Louis-Charles Breguet inherited A-L Breguet's insight into the planet environment and the voluntary movement of animal. He also invented the gyroplane to fly in the sky by the rotational movement as same principle and he found a formula for Aircraft range & endurance. in my work I focus on turbulence as well, a phenomenon that's also related to the rotation of the Earth and which I believe affects the universal biomechanics of the voluntary movement. Therefore I wish to explore this concept further.


On September 17, 2013 - Abraham-Louis' birthday – I was granted the honor of an invitation to visit the Breguet Museum at the Place Vendôme in Paris with its director Mr. Emmanuel Breguet, historian and member of Breguet family's seventh generation. We discussed A-L. Breguet's new unknown theory and I told him I wished to continue his ancestor's study.


d1603dc6-708d-11e3-9b1b-12313b0611d9-large.jpg« fig.VI » : Congratulations by Mr. Emmanuel Breguet


"To Yutaka, skillful mechanist and horologist who appreciates the work of Breguet, I dedicate a book of art and history, very sincerely and with congratulations - Emmanuel Breguet - 17 IX 2013


I think there is a deep relationship between human inventions and biological evolution. The more trials and efforts are given, the more sophisticated will the inventions be. I also think the rhythm of the planet's revolution affects all biological and social activities. For people's health and progress of humanity, I do inventions. It is also for decrease the speed of the current industry, and encourage environmental sustainability of the earth. Because the universe’s will regulate to keep the speed constant as like as a planetary revolutions. However, in the current industry, cycle of mass production and mass consumption are too accelerated. It is largely deviated from the original rhythm of the earth. The planetary revolution appears universally as a fluid phenomenon typified by the vortex in natural environments. When animals generate their own motions, they naturally obtain the movement of the planet. for example, when carps climb the waterfall, they use turbulence phenomena as a stepping stone. That is depends to the rotation of Earth.

Yours Sincerely
- Yutaka