On the midway on the philosophy, physics, physiology, offer the quantification of spiritualist dualism, which is a mathematical concept in continuum mechanics on the agent of the movement that called the soul of the universe exercised by the will of universe. That is different from artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms and brings a new wave to metrology in biotechnology.
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Familiar with the following studies :
 - Sculpting / Modeling
 - Automaton / Automation
 - Horology / Astrobiology
 - Mechanics (Biomechanics, Fluid mechanics, Continuum mechanics)
 - Global environmental health & sustainability
 - Collective consciousness / Behavioural science

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« Exercise-based Neurorehabilitation for Immune function enhancement, Perceptual and Motor Skills enhancement using Simulated reality.»
« Molecular machine, High mobility animal type autonomous vehicles for land, sea, sky and space. »
« Automatic artificial prosthetic limbs. Swarm intelligence. Communication method with natural animals. »




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Task 10.1 : ATP synthase

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Task 10.1 : ATP synthase (Work Plan 10. Biomechanical simulation of Molecular machines

Work Plan 10. Biomechanical simulation of Molecular machines Task 10.1 : ATP synthase Following the biomechanical rotation and pendulum mechanism on the our formula of voluntary movements, we have seen Chinese martial arts' centerline theory. As well as, that formula also models the ATP synthase's rotational motor mechanism. Microscopically, in mitochondria, there is a molecular machine with a size of only 1 nm called ATP synthase which consists of two main subunits allowing the rotation and pendulum movement motor mechanism. It's an enzyme that produces the energy storage molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the most commonly used "energy currency" of cells for all organisms. A large amount of such the nanomachine gather and self-organize to create human running, metachronol waves in the coordinated movements of the legs of millipedes and serpents clawling (,, ciliary movement of the oviducts, photosynthesis, as well as collective behavior of living organisms. Macroscopically, also the our formula reprensents that the dark energy's repulsive force accelerates the expansion of the universe, and the dark matter's attraction winding up the galaxy clusters.

Posted by Varipon Institute on Thursday, June 27, 2019