Principal Works


Frameworks for the Revolutionary Rapid Development of

1) Versatile biomechanical high mobility body-limb

2) Platforms of image guide treatment

3) Artificial life systems on the natural process constructing order out of chaos

on the Research and Development in the theorem of voluntary movements of animal bodies.




Task 2.3 : Funkyman Running

November 2012



About the theorem of voluntary movement of animals nature. as well as, that's universal mechanical linkage and the formula.


From 2012, I undertook a new research project. At the end of the year, I made a discovery of the theorem of voluntary...

Posted by Yutaca Sawai on Thursday, March 31, 2016




This mechanical element can accelerate his foot when kicking the ground, nevertheless, the source of its rotation keep always constant speed.


Consequently, I can see that this mechanism show the best ideal more than the actual performance of the athlete. I think it is the will of the universe. if it is true, a similar mechanism might be applied to all body parts. said so, I also succeed to apply same principle of the mechanism to the body and arms.


Also to other animals. thereafter, I realized examples of biomechanical locomotions of fishes, 4 legged animals, birds, insects, on the basis of the same theorem. 

I have found that the simplest comprehensive mechanism has the possibility of unlimited application.