On the midway on the philosophy, physics, physiology, Varipon Institute offer the innovative data-driven science in Ethology and Anthropology using the movement mechanism modeling. This finite element simulation is an analysis method of continuum mechanics different from neural networks and genetic algorithms. That brings a new wave to metrology in biotechnology.
Knowledge Working :


Familiar with the following studies :
 - Sculpting / Modeling
 - Automaton / Automation
 - Horology / Astrobiology
 - Mechanics (Biomechanics, Fluid mechanics, Continuum mechanics)
 - Global environmental health & sustainability
 - Collective consciousness / Behavioural science

Integration  :


« Exercise-based Neurorehabilitation for Immune function enhancement, Perceptual and Motor Skills enhancement using Simulated reality.»
« Molecular machine, High mobility animal type autonomous vehicles for land, sea, sky and space. »
« Automatic artificial prosthetic limbs. Swarm intelligence. Communication method with natural animals. »



Producer's résumé :
« https://goo.Gl/GRpVp8 »


Mails : moc.nopirav@tcatnoc



Task 3.1 : Equestrianism

1.6 (1.2a updated)


Biomechanical Equestrian simulation data download

 1. Download & Install Blender from here.

 2. Download the movement modeling data with Python script from here.

 3. Select an movement

4. Click the button "Run Script"

5. Shortcut key "Alt + A" = simulation





Task 3.1.2a : Biomechanical Equestrian simulation - Stepping Pace

* Task 3.1.2a : Biomechanical Equestrian simulation - Stepping Pace * I fixed the timing gap at the time of landing of the forefoot. The key to solving the problem was the delay in the beat of the front body. It is delayed 45 degrees from the back body. Often, I heard exactly the same opinion about the behavior of equestrian gaits and the behavior of Wing Chun which is an ancient traditional Chinese martial art, "It seems to be artificial far from natural aesthetics. But it is physically reasonable." I believe that these skills are collective intelligence developed by living organisms in order to be more closely related to the laws of nature and that mastering and maintaining these skills has certain effects on mental development. So, it has the effect of transitioning from chaos to order like returning spilled tea on the floor to the teacup again. #Biomechanics #PhysicsAndCosmology #AstroBiology #DissipativeStructure #SimulatedReality #HolographicPrinciple #TechnologicalInnovation #Invention #Horses #b3d #Blender #3D

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