On the midway on the philosophy, physics, physiology, Varipon Institute offer the innovative data-driven science in Ethology and Anthropology as well as the revolutionary rapid development framework.
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Familiar with the following studies :
 - Sculpting / Modeling
 - Automaton / Automation
 - Horology / Astrobiology
 - Mechanics (Biomechanics, Fluid mechanics, Continuum mechanics)
 - Global environmental health & sustainability
 - Collective consciousness / Behavioural science

Integration  :


« Exercise-based Neurorehabilitation for Immune function enhancement, Perceptual and Motor Skills enhancement using Simulated reality.»
« Artificial animal, High mobility Animal type autonomous vehicles for land, sea, sky and space. »
« Automatic artificial prosthetic limbs. Swarm intelligence. Communication method with natural animals. »



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Task 3.4 : Millipedes walking



Task 3.4 : millipedes walking « Work Plan 3. Biomechanical simulation of multi legs » from Yutaca Sawai on Vimeo.

This example is a biomechanical simulation of millipede legs.
I modelled a Pill millipede who is relatively cute in the multi-legged organisms.

In demo_0, Please try to change the value of γ3°(y3°) = 225
Its trajectory is a movement of insect legs.

Millipedes have two pairs of legs per body segment.
It start driving from the back legs.
It is opposite to Snake fuselage's crawling.
The giant african millipede is similar to the pill-millipede. however, bodies segment are lot.

This creation is a discovery of the theorem of voluntary movement of natural animal as well as a invention of the universal mechanical linkage. A perfect mechanism which get the center was a master of every voluntary movement of animal. We now have reached the one of singular point. These applications are infinity.

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The next generation of da Vinci