醫生為機匠 The doctor as mechanic


《帝曰:何謂神。歧伯曰:請言神,神乎神,耳不聞,目明心開,而志先,慧然獨悟,口弗能言,俱視獨見,適若昏,昭然獨明,若風吹雲,故曰神。三部九候為之原,九鍼之論,不必存也。》- 黃帝內經 素問 八正神明論

Using the talent of Kinesthetic Synesthesia, On the midway between philosophy, physics and physiology, Yutaca Sawaï (Varipon) model the animal force and the principles of voluntary movement and offers mathematical equations or letter sequences called the will of the universe which exercises the agent of the movement, the soul of the universe.